Opie and Omie pralines

With or without alcohol, each praline is a real delight! Taste it and love it!

Pralines with... and without alcohol.

Made artisanally with the greatest care. Piece by piece handicraft and you can taste that.  We have a wide range of pralines with and without alcohol. These can be purchased individually or in boxes of 250 grams, 500 grams, 750 grams or 1 kilogram. We also have gift packaging or boxes for special occasions.

Our white chocolate pralines

Praline, mocha butter, caramel, carioca, pistachio, crunchy praline, Ben Hur, raspberry, avocado.

Our milk chocolate pralines

Nougat-gianduja, puffed rice with praline, caramel, pistachio, praliné, crunchy praliné, raspberry, maraschino, vanilla, avocado, marroni, sweet walnut, tropicana, mocha.

Our dark chocolate pralines

Praliné with hazelnuts, praliné, biscuit, caramel, banana, vanilla, whiskey, avocado, brandy coffee, strawberry, cherry, rum grape, amaretto, raspberry.