Our cheeses Opie and Omie. Made with love!

Opie and Omie offer a wide range of tasty cheeses.

Opie and Omie cheese. A real 'farmhouse cheese'.

Opie and Omie cheeses are an artisanal masterpiece. Just like the rest of our products. But what makes our cheese so tasty, rich and creamy? Well, Opie and Omie cheeses use 100% milk from their own cows at the cheese farm. The know-how and the addition of aromatic herbs do the rest.

Hieronder kan je alvast kennis maken met onze kazen.

Our mustard cheese contains black mustard seeds. Among the mustard families, they have the most pungent taste.

The pungent taste is only released when the seed oil comes into contact with saliva in the mouth.

A typical 'farm cheese', creamy and without additional herbs.

Sambal (cayenne pepper) is a Spanish dried pepper that takes its name from the South American city 'Cayenne'.

This pepper rather evokes a feeling of warmth, so that the taste is described as 'spicy'.

Cheese with an Italian accent. Pesto made with basil, pine nuts, olive oil and sea salt.

A delicious taste!

Did you know that stinging nettles have a cleansing effect on humans? This blood enriching and cleansing cheese is not only tasty, but also healthy.

Good for rheumatism and gout.

This cheese, thanks to the spice blend, immediately brings back a tasty Italian pizza.

This plant from the Mediterranean region gives the cheese a sweet nutty taste.

For this cheese we actually use unripe black peppers. We let this be preserved in vinegar and salt water, making the black pepper green.

The green pepper cheese has a sharp spiciness.

This cheese contains almost all ingredients for the Greek dish tzatziki: dried garlic, cucumber, olive oil, dill, parsley and herbs.

The Opie and Omie tzatziki cheese has a creamy garlic flavor.

The onion and garlic mixture gives this cheese a strong explosion of penetrating taste.

A cheese in which cumin seeds have been processed. These give the cheese a slightly bitter taste of hazelnut.

Cumin is mainly cultivated in Syria, Turkey and India.

"The diamond of the kitchen", as many chefs refer to the real Italian summer truffle.

The very popular plant in Germany gives our cheese a garlic or onion-like taste. Not comparable to our onion / garlic cheese.