Opie and Omie beers

Do you prefer an energetic blonde beer or a bold amber beer?

Opie. An energetic blonde beer.

With its 8% alcohol percentage, Opie beer is not really a sissy. A good length in the mouth and a taste evolution through the refermentation in bottle.

The opinions are unanimous: the 33cl. to be savored! In case of great thirst, Opie is also available in bottles of 75cl.

Opie is an easy drinking triple beer with an alcohol content of 8% vol. having a fruity character. The nose reveals immediately the pleasant aroma of banana. The eye also finds its pleasure in a beautiful fine pearly foam head that lasts for a long time. The taste is rebalanced by the light natural acids of wheat. This in combination with the fruity gives a creamy texture in the mouth where we find in the aftertaste the fine aromas of hops. Cheers!

Omie. A bold amber beer.

Do not underestimate Omie! This amber beer has a percentage of alcohol of 6%. Available in 33cl or 75cl bottles.

Like its partner Opie, Omie also has a taste evolution through refermentation in bottle.

Nice amber and dry Belgian beer with an alcohol content of 6% vol. Already in the nose we get light esters combined with subtle hints of nuts. This is also reflected in the mouth, where the European hoppy taste also makes sense. Omie is a full-bodied beer with a very good balance of malt and hops. A slight bitter aftertaste that goes well with soft hints of honey in the throat.